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BLIST-suppliers for displaying your products to a relevant audience at the right time

A service tailored for building material suppliers

Increased awareness without advertising

Brand recognition taken a step further

Introduce your catalogue to your target customers

Perfect opportunity to build and maintain business relationships

BLIST users are your (potential) customers

  • BLIST-suppliers displays your products to project leaders precisely when they are preparing a bill of quantity, quantity takeoff and evaluations for an engineering project.
  • BLIST is used for managing civil engineering projects and its users are your existing or potential customers. Publishing your products in the scope of this program will contribute to an increased awareness and exposure of your offer.
  • Furthermore, this gives you an ideal opportunity to establish and maintain business relations and interactions.

BLIST and civil engineering project management

BLIST is a project management software and an innovative IT solution. The program is primarily used by companies and their employees whose main task is to manage and organise civil engineering projects. The users can prepare a bill of quantity, balance sheets, term and cost plans, gather offers and a lot more. BLIST is the perfect environment for publishing building material catalogues and price lists. This is made possible with BLIST-suppliers. The project managers can then simply access the required materials and begin a new collaboration with the suppliers.

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bills of quantity/offers made annualy

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total annual worth of offers

BLIST users are slovenian engineering companies of all sizes, craftsmans, electric utility suppliers, project leaders, educational institutions and ministries.

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